Upgrade to Efficiency:

Coreless Winding for More Efficient Packaging Production of Coreless Short Rolls

At GOEBEL IMS, it is part of our daily lives to increase our machine’s efficiency. New features are tested constantly, with the ones benefitting our customers most being added to our portfolio to provide calculated success. Technically, we have removed something from the equation this time: The Cores of the Rolls.

In short: Specific modifications in the winding process with specially designed rewind shafts enable our MPW to produce coreless short rolls. The application and its benefits are best explained when taking a closer look at the example of large online retailers. There, filling material is used to stuff or cover the packaged goods before they are sent to the customer. The continuing increase in e-commerce and logistics is followed by an increase in demand for packaging materials – preferably non-plastic –, which until now came with a core, usually made of cardboard or plastic.

Why the Customer’s of the Packaging Sector are Excited:

Cost pressure is increasing, requiring optimum cost efficiency throughout all production stages. Since packaging papers make up a considerable part of all packaging materials worldwide, coreless production provides an enormous potential for savings. Coreless production allows the paper producing and processing industries to meet this challenge, while saving or reallocating resources at the same time.

With the successful MPW series’ forward-looking upgrade to coreless winding, GOEBEL IMS proves once again its innovative strength, expertise and the profound understanding of the industries’ needs.

Saving Millions of Cores per year

With the production output remaining unchanged!

Given an 8-hour day, 5 days a week, 20 days a month, producing rolls at full capacity with a running length of 50 m in a cycle time of 21 seconds with 10 cores per roll set.

The functionality of the innovative coreless winding system of the MPW series is demonstrated in our product video:

Advantages Beyond the Price of a Core

Standard winding on cardboard or plastic cores constitutes a substantial cost component along the value chain – especially for large quantities. These costs can be reduced significantly thanks to coreless winding. But the benefits reach further. Obviously, paper producing and processing companies, which are manufacturing coreless short rolls, are able to take their customer’s demand for sustainability as well as their own aspirations into account. But the story does not have to end here. Simply put: Coreless winding eliminates the purchase, storage, transport, load and disposal of cores – along the entire supply chain.

Your Benefits:

- Cost-efficiency

- Resource-efficiency

- Sustainability

- Production Speed

- Reduced Logistics

- No Core Warehousing


In cooperation with industry partners, the development team of GOEBEL IMS has turned the MPW series into a highly productive slitter rewinder for the cost-effective and resource-saving production of coreless short rolls. Apart from the first application in the packaging industry, the innovation of the MPW series has subsequently been adapted to the processing of photographic paper for instant photo printing.

We are excited about this new and innovative technology and are looking forward to talking to you about it.

Giovanni Cama
Sales Director - PAPER & TOBACCO
Phone +39 035 8355 111

The MPW - Fully automatic slitter rewinder for short running lengths

The new fully automatic slitter rewinder for short running lengths with coreless winding is already in operation at two renowned suppliers to the packaging industry – with one of the largest internet retailers worldwide being among their customers. The successful machine series MPW is perfectly suited for the fully automatic slitting and winding of rolls with short running lengths and diameters of up to 270 mm or 300 mm.

Core or Coreless

Thanks to the modular machine concept, converters can equip their MPW machines with a core hopper and an additional core charger belt. They can thus flexibly switch between winding with or without cores, if required by the processed material or special orders.

Technical data

Working width
Up to 2.600 mm
Unwind diameter
Up to 1.500 mm
Rewind diameter
Up to 300 mm
Running speed
Up to 600 m / min

Furthermore, the MPW series has been enhanced to include a wide range of technical functions and customizable features to offer maximum flexibility for a wide range of applications and to combine cutting-edge technology with the advantages of proven GOEBEL IMS machines.

Added Features

- Digital AC drive

- Complete packaging line with plugger

- Carton packaging station

- Shrink tunnel

- Labeling and palletizing station