Our New Slitter for Hard Rolled and Soft Annealed Aluminium Foils

NovaSlit S ist the new aluminium foil slitter which has been developed jointly by ACHENBACH BUSCHHÜTTENand GOEBEL IMS

The slitter can be used for precise slitting of foil thicknesses from 6 - 50 μm into slitting widths starting from 25 mm. The rewinding diameter ranges up to 800 mm in slitting operation and maximum 1,000 mm for re-reeling operation on the bottom rewinder. Furthermore both, hard rolled as well as soft annealed material can be processed to the utmost best quality. 

This leads to unique advantages and multiple benefits for the operator of the NovaSlit S with regard to the field of application: 

For more information and designated contact sales(at)imstechnologies(dot)com