• Packaging films
  • Capacitor films
  • Battery separator films (BSF)
  • Thermal transfer foils (TTR)
  • Metallized films
  • Thick films for packaging and industrial applications
  • Optical films
  • BOPP
  • CPP
  • OPP
  • OPET
  • PET
  • BOPA
  • PE
  • BOPE
  • Flexible packaging materials

Machine description

The highly productive machine INTERSLIT, designed for a wide range of applications

With the newly developed INTERSLIT, GOEBEL IMS introduces its latest technical development for highly productive processing of films. INTERSLIT machines have been developed for a wide range of applications, especially BOPA and thin PET films for smaller web widths from 4,000 to 7,000 mm. 

Discover the advantages of INTERSLIT slitter rewinders:

  • Designed for special film such as capacitor film, battery separator film and thick film for industrial and optical applications
  • Also suitable for standard packaging film
  • Modular configuration for customer-specific applications
  • Compact and integrated machine design, shortening installation time
  • Unique "All-driven concept"

The INTERSLIT allows slitting widths from 180 mm on. The winding stations can accommodate a maximum roll weight of up to 5,000 kg. The machines reach working speeds of up to 1,200 m/min.

Highest flexibility for different applications

The INTERSLIT offers highest flexibility for different applications and combines state-of-the-art technology with the advantages of the well-proven GOEBEL IMS machines. INTERSLIT builds up on the successful and highly productive MONOSLIT and XTRASLIT 2.

Thanks to the modular machine concept, the basic INTERSLIT model can be upgraded by a wide range of technical functions and, thus, tailored to customer’s needs. Options include e.g. a razor blade exchange device and a camera system monitoring the slitting unit. Tambour and unwind diameter can be chosen on customer’s request, as can be an ergonomic cross-cutting and splicing device. 

The integrated operators‘ panel with an industrial PC allows for an intuitive process and parameter visualization. Recording of process data as well as their integration into existing process lines is possible. Digital AC drive technology with highly efficient energy recovery reduces operational costs and improves energy savings. Semi and fully automatic format changes further minimize setup times.  The dynamic, ultra-light dancer roller allows for constant web tension at high running speeds.




INTERSLIT series designed for the following industries:

• Packaging films • Capacitor films • Flexible packaging materials
• Thermal transfer foils (TTR) • Metallized films • Thick films for packaging and industrial applications
• Optical films • BOPP • CPP

Case Study

INTERSLIT applied for processing BOPA film

Already prior to the launch, seven INTERSLIT machines have been sold. Two slitter rewinders have been installed in China at new customer Shanxi Yuncheng Plate-Making Group Co., Ltd. Main application here is processing of BOPA film for food packaging. BOPA film is characterized by its high transparency and strength, oil resistivity, non-toxicity as well as fragrance protectiveness and oxygen proof function. At Yuncheng, the worldwide biggest gravure cylinder manufacturer, the machines will be installed at their plants in Tianjin and Kunshan to help answer the high demand and market potential of BOPA film.

Highly productive portfolio expanded successfully

With its INTERSLIT, GOEBEL IMS expands its highly productive portfolio by an efficient slitter rewinder with a clear, integrated machine design and special upgrade functions. As worldwide valued manufacturer of innovative slitting and winding solutions for film producers and converters, GOEBEL IMS continuously strives for maximum efficiency, highest production speed and excellent slitting and winding quality. Innovative technology, high machine availability and quality are always in focus. Choosing an INTERSLIT machine means choosing a schedulable future. Contact our experts and ask for your INTERSLIT slitting and winding solution.

Technical data

Working width
Up to 7,000 mm
Unwind diameter
Up to 1,550 mm
Rewind diameter
Up to 1,250 mm
Running speed
Up to 1,200 m / min



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Machine description
Case Study
Technical data

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