Paper and Boards
  • Standard papers
  • Recycled papers
  • Filter papers
  • Tea bag papers
  • Board
  • Various kinds of other special papers

Machine description

Two drum slitting and rewinding machine for paper and paperboard. High working speed. Shaftless unwinding and rewinding. Unwinder with double A.C. motor brakes. Rewinding on two drums at large diameter, driven by two independent A.C. motors. Motorized lay-on roller, with hydraulically adjustable pressure through proportional valves. The fi nished reels are unloaded to the fl oor by a tilting cradle. The OPTIWIND is a two-drum winder with a high working speed. The two drums are driven by two independent motors and the motorized lay-on roller moves linearly with hydraulically adjustable pressure through proportional valves.

The machine can also be equipped with different options:

  • Customized splice table
  • Automatic knives positioning 
  • Automatic core loading and glueing at the rewinder
  • Automatic core removing at the unwinder
  • Automatic reel feeding at the unwinder

Technical data

Working width
Up to 7.000 mm
Unwind diameter
On customer’s request
Rewind diameter
Up to 2.200 mm
Running speed
Up to 3.000 m / min



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Machine description
Technical data

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