RU 1

Paper and BoardsFilmTobaccoAlufoil
  • Tipping papers
  • Cigarette papers
  • Coated papers
  • Adhesive papers
  • Films for cable insulation
  • Adhesive films
  • Metallized films
  • Extensible films
  • Thin alufoil
  • Embossed aluminum

Machine description

RU 1: Slitter rewinder with central drum and centre-surface winding on two independent shafts. The short distance between rewind and slitting sections and the last generation control system contribute to optimize rewinding and maintain regular and stable tension.


  • Shafted or shaftless unwinding stand
  • Possibility of separate unwinding stand for large diameters
  • Slitting by circular knives/counterknives or razor blades
  • Winding on pneumatically expanding or friction shafts
  • Automatic cutting device for strips
  • Special automatic devices for quick restart and reels discharge systems

Technical data

Working width
Up to 1.300 mm
Unwind diameter
Up to 1.200 mm
Rewind diameter
Up to 600 mm
Running speed
Up to 500 m / min



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Machine description
Technical data

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