RU 5

  • Aluminium foil lacquered/printed/embossed for chocolate wrapping
  • Aluminium foil lacquered/printed for dairy products
  • Aluminium foil lacquered/printed for pharma blister
  • Aluminium foil lacquered/printed for lids of plastic pots
  • Aluminium-paper laminates for tobacco industry
  • Aluminium-plastic film for food packaging
  • PET and Alu-PET laminates ribbons for electrical cables
  • BOPP ribbons for textile
  • Alu-paper laminates for printing
  • Fin stock for heat exchangers and air conditioning systems
  • Container foil
  • Strip for panels
  • Lacquered strip for rolling shutters
  • Lacquered strip for decoration and profiles

Machine description

RU 5: Slitter rewinder with central drum and two independent centre-surface rewinding stations which move away from the drum on independently motorized linear guides according to the progressive increase in the reels diameter. The machine is extremely versatile and capable to slit and rewind naked as well as lacquered and laminated alu-foil.

The machine is equipped with state-of-the-art electronics, to ensure constant web tension through the entire rewinding cycle.


  • Chromium-plated steel or carbon fibre rollers to ensure the lowest friction with the lowest weight and highest rigidity
  • Possibility of customized unwinder for big mother roll diameters
  • Slitting by circular knives/counterknives, razor blades or block knives
  • Ergonomic splice table with pneumatic pressure rods for a user-friendly splicing at mother coil changes



Technical data

Working width
Up to 1.650 mm
Unwind diameter
Up to 1.600 mm
Rewind diameter
Up to 1.200 mm
Running speed
Up to 800 m / min



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Machine description
Technical data

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